Monday, August 11, 2008

A Family Hike

We all went to Oak Mountain State Park again yesterday. My plan for the day was to stay home and hang out, watch the Olympics, and just enjoy some downtime. But, by 9am, it was apparent that my plan wasn't going to work. Everyone was cranky and we needed to get out. So P suggested OMSP, and I agreed immediately. The weather has cooled off considerably since the big Thursday storm, plus it was a little overcast, so I thought it was a great plan, and the girls agreed.

We decided to try to find the waterfall, Peavine Falls. We drove all the way up to the top of the mountain, had a snack overlooking a part of the city that we didn't recognize, and then found the trail.

It was an awesome hike. The girls collected lots of treasures along the way: changing leaves, moss-covered bark, berries, pine straw, etc. I collected treasures with my camera: flowers, berries, spider webs, mushrooms, and some unidentified pod-looking things (ideas, anyone?).

We hiked up a hill and down a big rocky hill and through the woods, over rocks and under branches and over a bridge (but oops - back again - wrong way) and finally gave up when we realized that the stream we'd been following was now dry. No chance of a waterfall this time. Oh well, it was absolutely beautiful and great exercise too, and we'd all had fun.

On the hike back, Abby took control of Bailey (she's the dog-master) while Sarah and I were very diligent trash collectors. I can't begin to tell you how much it bothers me to see litter on our hikes. Not just cigarette butts, although there are tons of those, but beer cans and soda cans and water bottles and snack wrappers, etc. etc. etc. We filled a grocery sack and could have gotten more but Daddy was tired of waiting for us while we tried to get every cig butt off the trail.

Hiking these trails reminds me of LA. I loved hiking the hills of Santa Monica and Mulholland. Just last week I found a great pic of Gayle and Simone on a hike with me, and I miss those days! I think I need to find some local hiking gals.

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