Monday, August 4, 2008

One Step Closer

Sarah started the day by drawing a picture. There were two little girls in a big school, and they were both nervous. Between them was a big kid. I asked if they were nervous because of the big building or the big kid, and she said both. So I explained that the big kids were nice and very helpful to the kindergarteners; they will help in the classroom and getting around the school. That seemed to make her feel a little better. Then she added a big playground to the picture, with a little girl at the top of the slide and a teacher at the bottom. She said the teacher would catch her at the bottom. She signed her name and decided to take it to her teacher today.
Meet the Teacher went well. Abby walked right in, met her teacher, and then started playing with other kids. Sarah met her teacher and then sat down to look at the paperwork and help me sort through everything we needed to do: fill out forms, find her cubby, get her picture taken, sort her supplies. So different! I was so proud of them both. I know that Sarah was nervous, but she handled it really well.
When we got home, I asked Sarah how she was feeling. Was she still nervous? Was she excited? Did she think it would be fun? She said she wasn't nervous anymore and she thought it was going to be really fun.
Perry and I went to the parent meeting tonight (thanks, Sue & Bill, for keeping all FIVE kids!) - I went to Sarah's room and Perry went to Abby's. I had a list of questions for Perry to take with him, and evidently he entertained all the moms in the room with his list "prepared by his wife". Too funny. But he took good notes and I feel prepared.
When we got home tonight, Abby was asking a lot of questions about her room and her teacher. She actually sounded a little nervous. I hope I'm wrong about that, because I can handle Sarah's nerves, but I can't handle Abby if she decides she doesn't want to go!

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