Friday, August 8, 2008

Thurs/Fri Update

I wanted to update yesterday when S&A got home, but I had an awful migraine yesterday and it got much worse as the day progressed. By the time I got them into bed, I had to take some drugs and crawl into bed myself. Fortunately I'm all better today, so I'll attempt to summarize both days (while watching the Olympics - so forgive me if I ramble a bit).

Yesterday was a great first day for the girls. They both had fun, and said the best part was riding the bus home! For me, that was the worst part, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Unfortunately, we had a severe thunderstorm roll through here around 2:30 yesterday, complete with the loud warning beeps on the Weather Channel, so I was a nervous wreck about them being on the bus. The rains let up around 3:00, and the bus showed up at our street at 3:25 (not 3:07 as posted, but it was the first day and they had probably waited for the storms to subside). S&A were literally beaming when they climbed off - what a thrill for them!

While they were at school, I ran some errands and then met 12 of my girlfriends from my "pre-kindergarten" group at CPK for lunch. These ladies are such a blessing to me. I'm so amazed at how quickly I was able to plug into a support group here, a group of ladies with children about to enter kindergarten at S&A's school, women to cry with, laugh with, call for advice, etc. We had fun, and only a couple of us cried.

Last night before bed, I asked the girls to pick out clothes for school. Sarah said, "We have kindergarten AGAIN tomorrow?" Fortunately we have the weekend off now - I'm afraid next week will be very long for all of us!

Sarah is much better about telling us what happened during the day; Abby told me she got to go to a center in the loft and that was her best part of the day, and she had ice cream on the playground and chocolate milk at lunch. That's all I got from her! Sarah said there are 9 "females" and 8 "males" in her class (new words for her), a boy in her class was sent to the principal's office for jumping on another boy (on the second day? yikes!), she described a very involved game they played in the gym yesterday with lots of jungle animals and spitting praying mantises (is that the plural of mantis? anyway, they used straws and cottonballs to "spit"), and much more. she's funny - thoughts of her day just pop into her head so I get little snippets here and there.

We made pizzas for dinner tonight and then watched a little bit of the opening ceremonies before putting the girls to bed. I'm recording it all for them - they're very interested in China and excited about seeing gymnastics, but Abby is sad because ballet isn't an Olympic sport too.

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