Monday, August 18, 2008


We took Sarah to a pediatric neurologist today. My gut told me that she's OK, she just gets headaches and that's life. But she's only 5, and I didn't get my first migraine until I was 19, and it just worries me and makes me sad that she's getting them already. So our pediatrician suggested we go talk to an expert, just to be sure, and also to get some treatment advice. Based on Sarah's responses to his questions, and a brief exam, his official diagnosis is that she's getting headaches (lately she complains about a headache almost every day), possibly due to her personality (yes...Type A like her mom), possibly due to certain triggers in her diet (one possible culprit is aged cheeses - I've never heard this one before but we do eat a lot of cheese around here and we generally avoid most of the other triggers he mentioned), and probably just because some people are prone to headaches. He also diagnosed her with migraines, but since she only gets them once a month, or even less, he gave us some treatment ideas but not much advice on how to avoid them. I'll continue to keep a journal to keep track of them, but most likely this is just going to be something she'll have to learn to cope with. Still, I'm glad we saw him - we can check in with him over the years, and he's on top of the latest headache research. I really liked that he wasn't overly aggressive - he didn't want to do any MRIs or scans, he didn't want to start either of us on daily medication, and he had several "alternative" suggestions (other than prescription drugs) that might help.
Although we weren't there to talk about my migraines, he was interested in my history and he did suggest that I add Vitamin B2 supplements to my diet to see if that cuts down on the frequency of mine. 300mg, for those of you who also get migraines. For children, the dose is 100mg, but it's only available in pills, and Sarah won't swallow a pill yet, and evidently they taste horrible.
After our appointment, we went by the library to kill a little time before the girls' first ballet/tap class. They had fun. There are only 5 girls in their class so they'll be getting plenty of one-on-one attention!

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