Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's All Coming Together

Just an update on the writing and reading. First the writing: they are both doing great with their "kidspell" and usually don't ask for help when they're trying to write things. They sound it out, and I can usually read what they write. Yesterday Abby came home with "book report"about a book called Apple Picking Day, and her favorite part of the book was "Goweg tow the frm" (going to the farm). Sarah did sticker spelling yesterday and spelled "pig", "cat", "lam", and "cow". I think they get it.
On the reading front, I've been hesitant to say that they're reading, because they aren't very confident yet, and sometimes they don't even want to try. But tonight, they both sounded out books that they didn't know (early readers), and they both recognize some sight words, can sound out the easy words, and are very good at using the pictures to get context and help them guess at the words they don't know. So I think I can safely say that they're reading. How exciting!
At school today, they put eggs in the incubator. In 21 days, they'll have baby chicks! I forgot my camera today, but I used Mrs. K's camera, and I'll try to get a pic to post here.


Megan@Hold it Up to the Light said...

So cute...brings back great memories of last year in Mrs. K's class! The chick thing was soooo exciting...they are going to LOVE it. I'll be praying for lots of chicks to hatch.

I got the fun job last year of meeting the farmer in the parking lot at Brunos to get my "egg carton" full of chick eggs....I'll be honest, it kind of freaked me out!

Keep us posted on the progress!

Jenni said...

wow that sure is exciting!