Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Separation is Official

After a week, it's apparent that the new sleeping arrangements are definitely working. Everyone is sleeping later, even Abby. And Abby is loving the "pink" room, because a) it's pink, b) it has a big bed, and c) mostly because there's a bright street light that shines in and allows her to see her books after we say goodnight. I told the girls that we would find time (when????) to decorate Abby's new room and redo Sarah's room and get it all "just right". Abby understands that she'll need to move out of her room when we have company, and she's fine with that. I think she's just so proud and excited to have her very own room. I'm really proud of Sarah - I thought this would be very hard for her, and I expected to hear her calling me for the first few nights until she got used to being alone, but she's been very happy about the change and hasn't been a bit anxious or concerned.

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