Saturday, September 27, 2008


Perry's mom, sister Faith, sister Holly, and niece Emma Faith are here for the weekend - Perry and Bailey are feeling very outnumbered! We are having a wonderful time hanging out and getting to know Emma Faith. I wish I could post a hundred pictures - she's so beautiful and happy. Sarah, especially, is in love with her. (I think Abby would be more enchanted with her if she felt better, but she has lost her voice and feels a bit puny). Sarah is attached to Emma and holds her, shakes her rattle, helps get her dressed, feeds her a bottle, and wants to know if she can get a baby sister for Christmas! (uh...that would be a no). Even Bailey loves this baby, and he doesn't jump on her or try to get in her face.

We went to Build-a-Bear today because Auntie Holly had given the girls gift certificates for their birthdays and we'd been waiting to use them. Sarah built a High School Musical bear and named her "Musically," while Abby built a sparkly purple bear and named her "Princess." After the bears were built and dressed, Perry posed with his favorite girls (minus me, of course, because I was holding the camera!) I thought this was such a cute pic - too bad you can't see Emma Faith!

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