Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our family is complete again

Bailey's home. Yea. He's doing really well - he has a couple of meds to take, and he has to eat prescription food for a few days, but he definitely seems better. The girls were soooo excited to see him when they got off the bus today!
Perry and I had a meeting at school tonight, and Sue kept the girls. When we got home, Bailey didn't meet us at the door. Perry guessed that he was closed into the girls' room, and sure enough, that's where he was. Abby was curled up at the bottom of her bed, wrapped around Bailey, sound asleep. It was only around 7:20, so I'm thinking maybe THAT's the answer to Abby's sleep problems? I wish I had a pic, because it was so sweet, but Bailey saw me when I opened the door and jumped down to go find Perry.
Tomorrow we have a kindergarten picnic at school. I'll definitely take my camera. Sarah asked me to bring carrot sticks, dip, and water, while Abby asked for brownies and popsicles. I'm thinking I might throw in a few sandwiches, too!

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Lane said...

did I miss what was wrong with Bailey? I'm glad he's okay!
Love A*F,