Monday, September 1, 2008

Just catching up

After a room mom meeting Friday morning, Perry and I loaded up the car, checked the girls out of school, and headed south for the weekend to visit my family. It did occur to us that we were heading to the coast at the same time that Hurricane Gustav was making a beeline for the same spot. But we decided to make a quick trip, and I'm really glad we did. Friday night we had a nice family dinner and then played out front with some really cool frisbees Mimi found.

Perry and Thomas had a beautiful Saturday morning for a round of golf, while I hung out with Leslie, Mimi, Pop, Emily, & the girls. We didn't even go anywhere all morning, we just played games and talked. That night we had a very decadent meal - Pop cooked his famous ribs, and they were his best batch ever. Mimi boiled a bunch of shrimp to go with it, and we all ate until we were miserable. That night, S&A had a slumber party at Emily's house, so P & I watched the Alabama game with Mimi, Pop, and Thomas and also kept our eye on the storm.

Sunday morning we got up early, even though S&A weren't there to wake us up. But it was very nice to have time for coffee and breakfast without little ones running around! We decided we should head back in the morning because of the Louisiana evacuations. We got on the interstate before 11am, but that was probably a couple of hours too late. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper, with most of the cars from Louisiana. As awful as it was, I really felt sorry for those people evacuating. It took us about 5 hours to get home, which wasn't too bad considering the circumstances.

We enjoyed our day off today. The girls and I met Debbie Debbie at the mall to look for school shoes, this afternoon they had ballet, and tonight we had dinner at a neighbor/friend's house. Tomorrow it's back to our routine.

Check out these cool mushrooms Abby found growing in our backyard. I've seen pictures of mushrooms like this, but I've never seen any up close!

And one more pic. This is Sarah, this morning. She has always liked shoes - in fact her first word was "shoes". Today she made quite the fashion statement!

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Lane said...

We're STILL getting evacuees at Lowe's...the generators are going out the door like crazy! I'm so glad that WE didn't have to worry, but I'm keeping your invite in mind just in case!
Love you guys!
Love A*F,
Lane (and Robert)