Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost Like Being on Vacation

We had a great day. We went shopping with a great group of people and found lots of bargains. S&A were thrilled to find a DVD store with $3-4 movies. I bought pearl necklaces for all the girls. Perry bought two watches. And we found nice souvenirs, not the cheap things we had seen in Nanjing. We shopped till we dropped and loved it. I'm not a shopper, and I wasn't ready to leave after 3 hours. I kept thinking about how much my sisters-in-law would have loved that place!

Tonight we walked to a Mexican restaurant with three other families. We were skeptical - how good could Mexican food be in China? But we were very pleasantly surprised - it was great! The chips, cheese dip, and margaritas weren't as good as Iguana Grill, or even La Brisa, but they far exceeded our expectations. Mollie had her first taste of Mexican food (I assume), and she loved it! She begged for more chips and cheese and ate hard shell beef tacos and soft shell chicken tacos. She is definitely not picky of food!

After dinner we got ice cream and headed back to the room. It was the first time since we left Beijing that it actually felt like a relaxing family vacation. Of course Mollie spoiled that illusion by pitching a fit at bedtime, but I guess I can't blame her for not wanting the day to end; it was wonderful.
Tomorrow we head back to Shamian Island to have her TB test read (it is fine) and do some more shopping. I can't believe it's almost time to head home! We'll leave Guangzhou Wednesday and spend the night in Hong Kong before heading home Thursday! We are so excited to come home and settle into our routine again.

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Sabrina Alexander said...

Wonderful news! Mollie looks great in her purple sweater with polka dots. ;)