Saturday, February 25, 2012


The posts don't come as easily now...
We're back in a routine. We've finally caught up on our sleep and gotten over our jet lag. Yep, it took two weeks.
Sarah and Abby are catching up at school and enjoying their activities again. Abby's last basketball game was today, and I'm not going to miss that addition to our schedule, but I am going to miss the games. I think it was really good for Abby to do something that Sarah didn't do. She needs to find her "thing" - any ideas? She is still struggling with some things, and I hope you'll all keep praying for her. There were times this week when we really really needed those prayers, and I felt them!
Mollie has had some ups and downs this week. She is learning how to handle her emotions better, and her tantrums don't come as easily as they used to. Praise! She is playing better, and loves her Bitty Baby from Uncle Todd and the Matchbox car I bought her at Walmart. She still won't let me read a book to her, or even flip through the pages and point at pictures. If you know me, and know how much I love books, you'll know that this is a source of irritation and frustration for me. She still gets in a bad mood and shuts us out when we tell her "no." It can be scary, I won't lie. I'm sure at least part of this is a communication problem, because I can only say "no," I can't always explain why. So it has to be frustrating for her. But when she shuts us down it worries me. We still don't have our sleep issues solved. They had gotten better but the past few days have been hard. She understands more and more every day but she still isn't very verbal.

I'm looking forward to this week. Tuesday we have a playdate with a friend who traveled to China the same time we did. It will be nice to spend some time with someone who really gets it. We have an appointment at the cerebral palsy clinic Thursday, and I think they'll help me understand her physical issues and develop a plan. And Friday we have our first post-placement interview.

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