Monday, February 6, 2012

Shamian Island

Today we went back to the medical office on Shamian Island to have Mollie's TB test read, then did some more shopping and ate lunch at Lucy's. It was a fun day and everyone was in a good mood. The island is very Victorian and not at all Chinese, except for the tourist shops. The famous White Swan hotel is on the island, but it's under renovation and we didn't even go see it.
After lunch and a little rest time in the room, we walked around a little bit then went to a casual Italian restaurant, Oggi's, for dinner. It was good and really could have been in any city in America.
The girls all took a bath together when we got back, and I loved listening to them playing and laughing and just being sisters. Kids are kids, no matter what the language, and Mollie adores her sisters. She knows their names and calls them when she wants them. She says Sarah pretty well but calls Abby "Abbia," again like a little Italian girl!
We had another battle at bedtime. I feel so sad for her when she gets so angry and frustrated, and I hurt for S&A because I know it's hard for them. I know this will get better eventually, and we'll trust God, our friends who have walked in our shoes, and our great adoption resources in Birmingham to help us through it. But there are no babysitters in my near future, that's for sure!
Tomorrow is a big day; our Consulate appointment. And tomorrow night we're going on a river cruise. And...tomorrow night is our last night in Guangzhou!! Woohoo- we're coming home soon!


Debbie Debbie said...

Too cute for words!

We are so excited that it is finally time for you to come home...I can't wait to give ALL of my nieces a great big hug!

Love you!

Julie Holly said...

I am so thankful that you all are sharing your journey with us back home. Thank you for letting us go along with you. It is a great blessing! I hope you feel surrounded by all the prayers being offered for your family.