Saturday, February 4, 2012


Dah-Ee-ya is Mollie' favorite word (phrase?). She says it all the time, when she is happy. Unfortunately no one knows what it means!
She gives great kisses.
She loves to play with the girls. Abby has taught her some fun mimicking games. Sarah likes to read to her, but she has a hard time sitting still for a whole book. We'll work on that.
She has a bit of an Italian accent. She says "mommaaaaa"and "poppaaaa" like a little Italian girl. I'll try to get it on video.
On the plane,she ate something I couldn't identify. It was in a green pouch written entirely in Chinese except for me word:Shalom. So we joke that perhaps her foster family was Jewish/Italian.
One of her updates said she is "not picky of food". We've definitely found that to be true. So far the only thing she won't eat is a McDonalds cheeseburger! Smart girl...
She loved the horse in the hotel playroom! Can't wait to get her on a real one!

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Debbie Debbie said...

George and I had already planned to "make nice" with our new neighbors across the street so the girls could ride their that ALL of my beautiful nieces are horse girls, it's even more important that we do that! Home, home, home...come!

Anonymous said...

When your ready to get her on a real horse, she can ride made lines any time!!! Can't wait to meet her!!