Sunday, February 19, 2012

NOT a Typical Day in the Life of Mollie!

I hesitate to even write this post, because anyone who is familiar with the "rules" of the first weeks home post-adoption will know that we broke a bunch of rules yesterday. We're supposed to stay close to home, nesting and providing a safe, calm environment for Mollie to help with her transition. I get that, I really do, but we also have very active 8-year-olds with busy schedules. And, honestly, I needed some time with friends. So yesterday, Mollie's day looked like this:
9am: Tennis with Mrs. Lisa. While she kept her distance from Lisa, she loved hitting balls and picking them up!

12:00 Abby's basketball game - we decided to skip that and nap instead. Good plan, given the afternoon schedule...
1:00 Ice cream at The Whole Scoop. Unfortunately there was a team party there, and only one worker, and the place was under assault. Definitely too much for Mollie and me. We left, took Abby home to change, and went back at 2. Much calmer. Mollie got vanilla and loved it!

Then...we went to the bowling alley. I know, I know, there's probably not a worse place to take a newly adopted child. But one of my dearest friends was celebrating her birthday, and we really wanted to go. We took two cars, and I thought I'd just stay 10-15 minutes. But Mollie was excited to be there. She really lit up- she took her shoes off, put on bowling shoes, "threw" the ball down the lane, ate cheese sticks and fries (for those of you who were wondering-we are not back on the Paleo wagon yet) clapped for the candle-blowing, played video games, and made it two hours before finally letting me know it was time to go. I was so proud of her. I really think she can sense when people and events are special to us, and she rises to the occasion. The same thing happened at the airport, when I expected her to go into her shell, but she smiled and laughed instead!

We are still recovering around here. Perry slept with Mollie the past two nights because I was feeling sick. Now he's exhausted but I'm feeling better. Sarah and Abby are better but not 100% yet. I've been told it will take us 2 weeks, and I'm counting on that.
Today we went to church and she did pretty well. I took her back to Children's church during the sermon and stayed with her. Tonight we ate at La Brisa for my birthday.Tomorrow should be interesting because I'm taking the girls to the barn. If she was scared of cats and dogs, I can only imagine what her reaction to a horse will be!

I'm praying for my friend Brecca whose Gotcha Day was yesterday (her blog is on my blog roll), and also for my friend Barbie who gets her daughter from Mollie's orphanage in just a few hours.
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Rodney Overstreet said...

Thx for sharing. I really admire you guys. This is the ultimate act of love and sacrifice. respect.