Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

It's almost 2:00 in the afternoon here and we're in our room for a nap. The medical appointment was a breeze this morning; thank you for your prayers! There were 3 rooms we had to do- the first was ENT (they squeezed a squeaky toy on each side of her head to see if she noticed and looked at her throat), the second was height /weight/temperature (100cm, 16kg, ?), and the last was a body check. She wouldn't speak or grab anything with her hand during the exam, which they wanted her to do, so I'm not sure what the report says. But I don't think it matters. Finally they pricked her arm for the TB test. She was scared during the body check, and she made a little sound when they pricked her, but she never cried or pitched a fit. The place was overrun with adoptive families and there didn't seem to be any order to the chaos, but we all got through it quickly. Yippee!

At 3:00 I have a paperwork meeting to prepare for the Visa appointment. Tonight we'll go to dinner with some other families. I've met up with my friend from birmingham, we've found the Tennessee family that we met in Nanjing, and we've met lots of other families here too. We have two guides and they're both phenomenal. And, I didn't have McDonalds for lunch!!! We're happy again and doing great!
This is a pic of the girls feeding the koi after breakfast this morning.

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The Millers said...

So happy things are going well!! God is good!- Kim Miller