Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Update

  • Mollie says "Mama, Papa, Sarah, Abbia, BA (Bailey), Dah Ee Ya (I swear this means I love you in her mind, because she'll say "Papa Dah Ee Ya" or "Mama Dah Ee Ya").  
  • She understands almost everything I say, and we are getting pretty good at communicating. She says something like "sasheeshee" when she needs to use the bathroom. 
  • She cups her hand and puts it to her mouth if she wants water. Today she did that and said "water."
  • She'll repeat "I love you" and the numbers one to five. We're working on "Please."
  • Abby and Sarah have taught her some hand motions/games, and she mimics them. She also gives high fives and fist bumps.
  • She was really sick yesterday - throwing up and very lethargic. She let me cuddle her most of the day and it was so sweet. 
  • When I was making breakfast this morning, I asked her to get the salsa out of the refrigerator. She opened the fridge and looked for it, but couldn't find it. I pointed it out to her, and she brought it to me.
  • She had a nasty, fall on the floor and beat your head FIT today when I asked her to potty before naptime. She knew I was about to make her take a nap, and she was MAD! After 25 minutes of screaming, she fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I picked her up and put her on the potty, and she did it! It was a Mama victory!
  • She didn't cry at bedtime tonight. I don't know why, or what might have been different, but we read a book in bed and turned out the light, and she was asleep (we both were!) in 10 minutes. Another victory.
  • She and Bailey have made friends. She lets him give her kisses. Remarkable! 
  • She still does not like Ellie!
  • She did great in church today. She like the music and loved the colorful screen. When they showed the video of her story, she watched and smiled as I talked, but hid her head when they showed scenes of her playing at the orphanage. 


phcrowe said...

This is all such great news! Is it selfish of me to wait hopefully daily that you post something!? Have a great week!


Debbie Debbie said...

I'm telling you, she's a smart girl if she doesn't like the cat...Devil Cat! xo

Tiffany said...

I love this update! So wonderful to hear how well you're communicating. She has met her match...hopefully the fits will keep getting fewer and farther between! :)

Ben Nelson said...

Can I just say I could not take my eyes off your sweet mollie during worship Sunday. MY heart leaps for joy to think of things God is yet to do in her life through you guys! GREAT things are on the way! Get emotional just thinking about it!