Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sometimes it's wonderful.
Like this afternoon, when she said "thank you Mama" for her banana. When she sat in my lap and let me read her an entire book. When she gave me a kiss, then walked from room to room looking for Papa, Sara, and Abby so she could kiss them too. When she looked around the table at dinner, while we were saying the blessing, with a huge smile on her face (even when she looked at Debbie Debbie!). Truly wonderful.

Sometimes it's a lot "messier." Like at naptime and bedtime today, when she decided to test out her fits again. Like the nights, when her coughs and cries of "Mama" keep me from getting much sleep. Like the sad moments when I tell her "no," and she decides whether to push me away, pitch a fit, or accept my answer.
We're working it out, with good days and bad days and lots of days filled with both. Today I was so thankful to my cousin (who is on a bit of an adoption journey of her own right now with fostered infant twins), for sharing this very special blog post..
Yes, it's messy. But God is at work. And his work is beautiful.

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Debbie Debbie said...

Debbie Debbie loved having dinner with her three beautiful nieces...and I got a lot closer to acceptance than I've ever gotten before! Definite progress!