Friday, February 3, 2012

I Think We're Gonna Make It!!!

We had a much better day in Nanjing today. It wasn't as cold, and it was sunny. We went to the nearby mall and found a couple of t-shirts for the girls, because they were running low on clothes. We ate at McDonalds for millionth time then headed back to the hotel.
I have to tell you that it isn't all roses with Mollie. She has a temper like I've never seen before, and it's hard to know how to handle it. When she doesn't get her way she blows up, screaming and kicking and throwing things! It happened twice today-first when I tried to get her to put a shirt on under her dress, and again when I tried to get her down for a nap. I can't talk to her or try to reason with her because she doesn't understand me. I can't hug her and whisper to her because she pushes me away and hits me. So far I've just been waiting her out, distracting her if possible, or even letting her win when it isn't important enough to fight about. But I'll have to come up with some new plans because this definitely seems like an issue we'll have to deal with sooner rather than later.
On the flip side, she loves us all so much and is really doing great. She gives kisses unsolicited, and loves to play patty-cake and London Bridges. She is very smart and learns so quickly, it really amazes us. She also likes Oreos, and takes them apart to scrape the cream out!

Our flight today was stressful. The airport wasn't English-friendly, and was very crowded. Mollie did pretty well on her first flight but she hated the seatbelt and didn't want to put the tray table away. I'm not looking forward to strapping her into a carseat at home!

We love Guangzhou. Our hotel is gorgeous, our suite is very nice, our guide is perky and detail-oriented, and we've already seen more Americans than we had seen in our previous week!
Please pray for tomorrow. Perry will go out and explore the shops around our hotel with S&A while I take Mollie for her medical appointment. Given what I've told you about this girl's temper, you can only imagine my fear about this appointment. I'm preparing myself for a rough ride.

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phcrowe said...

I know you will make it, and if she is truly a fast learner, she will get the hang of the Turner way and with the help of her sisters you will get there sooner than later! I check my facebook more than I should waiting for you to post. I think you are doing what most of us would love to do but just aren't brave or patient enough. God bless you all!

Ben Nelson said...

Praying for you today! Mollie is so blessed to have you guys! God has some great things in store for her life! Blown away by your love!

Debbie Debbie said...

If she eats the insides of the Oreos first, she was definitely meant to be in this family! Love to you all! Counting down the days until we are all together!

J. Auvil said...

I can't wait to meet Mollie, and though I know that it will be years, before she is ready for Revolution (DUMC Student Ministry), I look forward to seeing her grow, and learn, and experience all that lies ahead. I know James and John will be so excited to meet her and Jen and I will be happy to help in any way! God bless you all! We can't wait to see you back in Alabama! J...

groovy mama said...

Hi there...Just wanted to say it was great to meet you!
see you again! What a doll ;0)

Julie Holly said...

It isn't all roses with any child. I had to leave Publix last week because Davis had a full-on fit in the floor. Then he fought me when I was buckling him into the carseat. when we got home, he threw himself down in the front yard and continued screaming! It will pass--eventually. Hang in there!

I prayed for you all while I was away on vacation last week and am now catching up on all your adventures. Can't wait for you to get home!