Thursday, February 9, 2012

US Soil!

Mollie is officially a US citizen! We are so happy to be back in the US. The flight was long, Mollie struggled with boredom (unfortunately she doesn't like tv), and I struggled with patience as she kicked the seat and screamed about sitting down. I tried to give her some melatonin, but she refused to eat or drink! Finally she drank some (spiked) milk, and then spilled it all over herself. Note to self: when traveling with a four-year-old, pack a change of clothes in your carry on!
About an hour before we landed, Abby threw up. Another note to self: eight-year-olds might need a change of clothes too! Now we're in the Delta lounge in Detroit. Abby is scared to get on another flight and is begging to spend the night here. Mollie is entertaining herself with band-aids. And the man behind us is concerned about Abby and keeps offering us medicine! (is he a doctor?)

Looking forward to the comforts of home!

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