Thursday, October 30, 2008

80s Day

Today was 80s day (part of Red Ribbon/Drug Awareness week, of course). I found these dresses at WalMart and thought they were great - a bit psychedelic for the 80s, perhaps, but fun and really cute with leg warmers! During PE the kindergartners danced to Ghostbusters - very cute. S&A were super-excited about the day.

I also went on a fieldtrip to Aldridge Gardens today with Sarah. By now I could give the tour! The kids were wild - it was chilly so they were revved up, plus they were already excited about the 80s dance. Still, we had fun and it was a beautiful day. Oh - and Mrs. Keeney's scarecrow won "cutest scarecrow," so she gets $100 for her classroom!

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