Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Flashback (Finally)

I'll try to post about our weekend later - I had an old friend in town and she really did wonders to lift my spirits. But first I wanted to continue the Friday Flashback theme. Here are the cowgirls of Halloween '06, and some bumpy pumpkin carving at James & Sabrina's house.

For some reason, I only have a few pics from 2006 on my computer. I can't figure it out - I have a bunch of 2005, and zillions of 2007, but I'm missing a whole year. I think they're probably somewhere on my hard drive but they must have gotten put in an odd location when I changed computers. Oh well. No slide show tonight.

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Sabrina said...

LOL! We totally missed out on the pumpkin carving this year. We just never had time. Ethan was pretty disappointed. Thad still mentions the pumpkin he carved that I made fun of one year. ohh, fun times!