Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scarecrows in the Garden

Perry had a conference today, so the girls and I took a picnic to Aldridge Gardens to see the Scarecrows in the Gardens. A funny story about the duck statue - Sarah asked me what the ducks' names were in the duck book. I said "Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack, and Quack." She said, "I'm going to give them my own names: Buck, Cuck, Duck, F-" Well, you get the idea. Funny.
It was a gorgeous day - we walked around and found their teachers' scarecrows. Sarah's class did Head Over Heels for Kindergarten - so cute with the upside-down scarecrow and all the little scarecrow kids. Abby's class did Pinocchio - adorable! Then we found a nice shady spot for our picnic. After we ate, we finished looking at the scarecrows then the girls decided we should take a little hike around the lake. Abby found a side trail up into the woods, and we all enjoyed the exercise. We topped it all off with a trip to Ben & Jerry's.

Forgive me for yet another slideshow. It was just a great photo-op day.

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Lane said...

IT still amazes me that the girls do EVERYTHING in dresses...I loved seeing them hiking the trail in their dresses.:) Ah, to be a Tom Boy and a Girly Girl at the same time! They've got talent!
Love A*F,