Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Poor Sarah is sick again this week. Fever and sore throat. I took her in for a swab, because there have been 4 cases of strep on our street in the past week, plus one case of pneumonia. Once again, it's viral. This afternoon she developed a barking cough, so I asked the doctor to call in some cough medicine to help me her sleep. Having a sick child home from school is exhausting, and I'm sure she'll be home again tomorrow. To top it off, Perry just told me that he has chills and thinks his throat is sore. Great. Just great.
Ooh - I just read that and realized how bitter and unsympathetic I sound! I don't mean to sound that way, really I don't. I'm sorry. I'll work on it!

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Lisa Kalloch said...

I LOVED it!!!!!!
How true! How true!!
Every momma/wife understands!