Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cultural Pursuits

Art, music, and theatre, oh my! Perry and I took the girls to the Bluff Park Art Festival this morning. We walked around and looked at the art, some of which was really awesome (if I still had my Vegas condo, I definitely would have bought something today). Then we listened to some great jazz performed by my smart and talented nephews, Logan and Justin (and the rest of the kids in their bands, too!). They both play saxophones, just like their Aunt Janet. Logan plays the tenor, and Justin plays bari sax in the jazz band but alto in symphonic and marching (he actually plays MY sax, which makes me so proud). They sounded great and it made me wish I hadn't quit playing.

This afternoon, Carrie and I took our 3 girls to the Birmingham Children's Theatre (downtown) to see Rapunzel. It was a good show - not spectacular, but a good performance. There were only 6 actors, and I think it's a complicated story (there was a lot of dialogue about why she was locked in the tower, and why she's named Rapunzel, etc., all of which went way over the girls' heads), but the actor playing Igor stole the show. He was hilarious. After the show the actors were available for autographs and pictures, but only Abby would get near them, and she would only see Rapunzel.

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