Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog Heaven / Drug Awareness

Abby checked out "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant at the library this week. Tonight we sat down to read it, and she got such a big case of the giggles. "This is so confusing!" she kept saying, and I had to agree. In dog heaven, the doggies were running around in fields, playing with children, and being watched and loved by angels and God. Her questions were, "If they're dead, how are they running?" "If the children aren't angels, why are they in heaven?" "Is that little boy God?" "Why is God wearing a hat?" It really was a strange book. I suppose it was written for kids whose dogs died, to help them deal with it, but I found it to be really odd.

This is Drug Awareness week at school. I just don't understand why they feel the need to teach kindergartners "Don't Do Drugs." I can't even explain what drugs are to my kids - it's totally out of their world right now (thank goodness). Sarah came home with a Drug Awareness bracelet, and then asked me what drugs are. I tried to explain that drugs are things that are really bad for your body, but I went around and around in circles, and finally had to let it drop. Later Sarah asked if she could have a piece of candy, and I said she could have just one, and then she said, "Oh no, I forgot I have to say no to drugs." I said "Sarah, candy isn't a drug," and she said "but it's bad for you, and I thought drugs were things that were bad for your body."

And finally, a picture taken at dinner time. Fairy Abby was checking out the cookies. She keeps the magic alive around here...

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