Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Flashbacks

Staying with the Halloween theme-

Here's Halloween in 2005. Such beautiful fairies. I really loved these costumes, and so did they. In fact, we still have the wings and the skirts! This year there were no tears, because they really understood the concept of going door-to-door and getting candy. As you can see, though, Abby couldn't wait to take the paper off before eating the candy!

I found too many cute pics when I was looking for Halloween pics. So, I had to create a slide show. Here's a little walk down memory lane. I left the captions in because some of them have dates.

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Lane said...

I can't believe how chubby their little cheeks were. I really hadn't thought that they have changed THAT much, but the girls really are growing up and becoming Girls, not Little Girls or Babies anymore! WOW! Thanks for sharing!
Love A*F,