Friday, October 10, 2008

A Hole in Her Head

Perry and I have been laughing all day about my Flashback. Debbie says the fact that I still have that document PROVES that I'm still OCD. She might be right, especially since I've changed computers since then. She also said that the one thing I didn't tell her, the one piece of information that might have been really helpful, was that you weren't supposed to get the girls out of their bath seats until all the water was out of the tub. Abby's hysterical screams evidently confounded them all, until Emily said "You're supposed to leave them in the tub until all the water drains out." Oh.
One of my favorite parts is "Dangers - Not Childproofed", and the first item is the nightlight in their room. Huh? Watch out for those dangerous nightlights!

Anyway, on to my day. I sent Sarah to school. She did have a few coughing fits last night, but she needed to go back. She was clingy, and she was really milking the whole "sick" thing. So it was time. I dropped them off and went off to run all the errands that I hadn't been able to run all week. At 11am my phone rang and I recognized the school number. Drat - Sarah must still be sick. It was the school nurse, but she was calling about Abby, not Sarah. Abby fell on the playground and hit her head. The nurse tried to describe the injury, and I literally started laughing. I just couldn't picture what she was telling me. "She has a hole in her forehead. It's not very big, but it's bleeding, and it's not just a cut, it really is a hole, and I just thought you'd want to know." It cracked me up - she was very calm so I knew it wasn't a crisis, but I knew I needed to see it myself. And she was right - it was a hole. Not a big one, but it's just above her eyebrow so I decided to take her to the doctor. He glued it closed, no problem.
Maybe next week I'll be able to get those errands done.

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